Deal Feel Heal Book $10

Deal Feel Heal Book $10
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Learn how to be the you YOU want to be

DEAL FEEL HEAL was written with students to help people who do not know how to deal with their emotional pain. Whether coming from homes where a cycle of domestic abuse exists and/or suffering the daily barrage of bullying, stress and pressure, these students are numbing their emotional pain with violence, food, alcohol, drugs, self-injury and,in some cases, ending their lives.


 R E V I E W S:

"Betty Hoeffner is to be commended for the honesty she deals with the subject of both being bullied and even at times being a person who has bullied others. In 'DEAL FEEL HEALshe talks about her life-long journey to find love and respect for her own person, as well as to better understand how other people feel. She shows us how a person, with some hard work and self awareness, can learn from her mistakes and become a stronger, better centered individual. In sharing her efforts to be the best person she can be, Ms. Hoeffner teaches us how we can overcome our own fears and limitations to become better, more caring people.'' Bill Zimmerman, author & creator of

"Wow! DEAL, FEEL, HEAL is an extraordinary book by Betty Hoeffner. I just finished reading it cover-to-cover this morning - in one sitting. But, of far greater importance, I am looking forward to reading it again and again to savor each simple, yet profound, section to carefully extract every little gem of loving wisdom it shares! 

To me, Betty was already Wonder Woman in her super-human feats to bring understanding and healing and an end to substance abuse, bullying and suicide amongst youth in the US and around the world. Yet, throughout this book, she shows us, how in every difficult situation we encounter in life, we may all learn to progress on our way to greater peace, joy and fulfillment.

Never before have I read a book, offered as a kind of easy-to-use resource and guide for young people, that so inspired me and that brought forth a bouquet of smiles and far more than a few tears of joy, as did DEAL, FEEL, HEAL."  Michael J Tamura, Spiritual Teacher and Author of YOU ARE THE ANSWER

"Several weeks ago I tuned into Steve Harvey's afternoon show. One of the segments was on bullying. A subject I know more than I ever wanted to as a victim of bullying myself. One of the guests Betty Hoeffner, is a cofounder of Hey U.G.LY. (Unique Gifted Loveable You) a nonprofit organization dedicated to stop bullying, being bullied and teen suicide prevention. I knew I had to get involved so I emailed, to inquire. A few days later a recieved a response from Betty herself! She sent me a care package including a book she authored called, "Deal Feel Heal" This is a must read guide for understanding and healing emotional pain so you CAN become the you you want to be. Once I started reading I couldn't stop. This book really speaks to pain, codependency, self worth and the dangers of hiding true feelings or as Betty calls it "stuffing our feelings". The book is funny, sad, spiritual and vastly informative. There are exercises for kids and schools to help understand why bullying is happening and how to deal. If you have ever been a bully, been bullied, know a child or teen that is a bully or is being bullied, I encourage you to be about it. Please visit and get involved. Donate, buy the book, support! Bullying is no joke and babies are taking their lives everyday because they can't cope. I have been there. Betty is amazing and I believe God put us together. Let's do this together! Stop Bullying Now!"  Sandra Day

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