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The World's So Big There's No Room For Your Hate
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The World's So Big There's No Room For Your Hate, those words are from singer/songwriter, Tori Wilson's amazing song, SHINE ON. We love the message and know you will too. Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will benefit Hey U.G.L.Y. and Tori Wilson Music. In case you have not heard of her she is a 14 year-old singer/songwriter from New York making her mark on the world through music. For several years, she has been visiting schools and engaging in her peer-to-peer anti-bullying program that emphasizes the importance of self-confidence, lifting up others, and kindness. Her message is to stand tall and be proud of who you are. Do not listen to the opinions of those trying to put you down. Only you can give them the power to sideline you from your destiny. We hope you will enjoy the shirt and tell all of your friends about it. Go to to learn more about Tori.


Note:  Boho Shirt only available in the following colors:  Tangerine, Neon Pink, Poppy, Neon Yellow, Lime, Turquoise and Black. Please send us a note in the order form letting us know what color you want if you are ordering a Boho Shirt.


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