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HU Heart Logo Fashion
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The Hey U.G.L.Y. shirt is our best conversation starter. People are first taken aback by the word U.G.L.Y., but once you explain that it means: Unique Gifted Lovable You, a new openness occurs. Hey U.G.L.Y.'s co-founder, Sporty King, invented this acronym. He is an acronym enthusiast, which is why we have annual Acronym Contests for youth aged 7 to 17. In 2004, a teen from Texas won for her conversion of loser into: Love Others Show Everyone Respect. An Indian boy changed stupid into: Stop To Understand People's Individual Differences. We made shirts out of both of them. :)


Note:  Boho Shirt only available in the following colors:  Tangerine, Neon Pink, Poppy, Neon Yellow, Lime, Turquoise and Black. Please send us a note in the order form letting us know what color you want if you are ordering a Boho Shirt.

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